T-CAN PRO diagnostic tool

T-CAN PRO diagnostic software and hardware with small box interface. Can help you solve many problems with the TESLA car “Model S, X”.

User manual 2020.04.16 – download

T-CAN PRO can work with ECU TESLA Model S,X

Beta versions of software can access only Patreon members. (when release new version, Beta come to stable and will be access all users) !

  • 2023.05.18 – updates only by subscribtion on Patreon.
  • 2021.09.29-Last updated HW 06 and  SW.
  • 2021.04.07-Radar Continental learning and calibration.
  • 2021.04.06-BMS updated 027 clearing procedure for all versions.
  • 2020.11.16 – Beta Battery Energy data reading by can, factory mode (updated).
  • 2020.11.05 – Global DTC decoding codes update.
  • 2020.10.26 – some Lan functions added.(wakeup,pintodrive,park dtc base)
  • 2020.10.23 – CID commands Service and Factory Redeploy,
  • 2020.10.22 – realtime by can level measure of TAS (EAS) Beta.(add some DTC base)
  • 2020.09.25 – BMS contactor replacement procedure reset u019
  • 2020.09.24 – m3 sdm read, erase dtc by can.
  • 2020.09.21 last update.(Diag,Develop,FMODE by IC,Valet by LAN)
  • 2019.05.23 NEW SDM by BOSH  Module X and 3 model (read,clear fault codes and R/W EEPROM clear CRASH log.)
  • ALERTS – Alerts on CAN bus (read  alerts codes updated BMS 2018.09.14 BETA STAGE !)
  • BDY – Body controller on CAN bus
  • DH – Door Handles – Learn Front Driver Side – CAN BDY -125 kbps (BETA Stage – added 15.07.2019)
  • SDM – Supplemental Deployment Module S model (read,clear fault codes,clear  CRASH log by Boot mode pin.)
  • SDM by BOSH  Module X and 3 model (read,clear fault codes and R/W EEPROM clear CRASH log.)
  • SEC – Security controller (Add Keyfob Key)
  • PARK2 – Parktronic sensors (read and decode fault codes,erase stored fault codes) supported until 06.2016
  • THC – Thermal controller (Airpurge function)
  • EAS – Electronic Airsuspension System (read,decode,erase fault codes, exit service mode ) supported until 06.2016
  • TAS – Tesla Airsuspension System (erase fault codes,clear Crash event, exit service mode ) after 06.2016
  • BMS – Battery control Module (reset alert warnings w163,w026,w152,w153,w023,read softpack)
  • TPMS – Tyre Pressure (read sensor ID stored in memory it usefull if you need to make new non tesla sensor)
  • ESP – Electronic stability system (read and decode fault codes,erase stored fault codes)

     What You get  in box ?

New V06 interface box no need support 12v, adapter x437 (2012-2016.04),adapter x437a(2016.04-2021.06) and usb cable

Have in stock:

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like TSLA PRO and others like in picture NO SUPPORT, NO UPDATES do not ask for HELP.