LED-HID emulator

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LED – HID emulator for TESLA MODEL S – (2012 – 2016.06) can read more – download.

Video how it works – youtube

With that EMULATOR You can connect LED (New face headlights) to old Tesla Model S with HID lights.

Emulator job make analog inputs to digital and send to LED headlamp.

HID – (Xenon, Led Headlight).

LED – (Full LED headlights ).

You must connect power supply to battery positive and negative

(strongly recommend use fuse 15a for protection)

RED – +12v positive terminal

BLACK – GND negative terminal

Warn ! – With this emulator are not indicating lights is ON becouse are emulator not drain 2.5A of current from low lights pin.

Set incuded 2 – drivers – price ask, shipping by DHL express ~30Eu.

Plug & Play kit are: